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Indonesia is blessed with the most extensive and biodiverse tropical forests, that making Indonesia rich in natural products, one of which is charcoal.

Shining Nature provide the best of hardwood charcoal from Indonesia.

Our charcoal factory

We are manufacture charcoal company from Indonesia,

we have our own factory with ecofriendly technical produce.

Our charcoal recommended for BBQ,

because have very high temperature burning without spark, smoke, smell and have white ash.


We use woven bag for packing,

if you need a custom packing bag, please feel free to inform us,

we will provide the packing bag according to your request.

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Our Product

Indonesia Hardwood Charcoal


Variety : Hardwood Charcoal

Grade :

A : Length 15-20cm, Diameter 5-8cm

B : Length 15-20cm, Diameter 8cm up

Mix : Length & Diameter variable

Packing : Woven bag +/-30kg

Calorie : +/- 7.300 kcal

Moisture : 4.8%

Burning Time : 6 hours up

Quality : No spark, no flame, no smoke, white ash, no smell

Competitive Advantage : Grilling, Barbeque, Fireplace

One container 40 high cube can load ± 24.5 tons